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Clients Feedback [Nepal Nova]

  • Gary Scott

    I started working as a trekking guide in Nepal in 1984 and met Hari Prasai at that time. Since then I have organized and led nearly 40 treks and expeditions in Nepal and over 100 adventure travel trips around the world. I have worked with many travel agents and adventure travel companies over the last 30 years and one of the best is Hari Prasai of Nepal Nova Treks & Expeditions. Hari is a true professional. He is very pleasant to work with and very thorough. I have had to rely on him many times and he has always taken excellent care of me and the many clients I have sent his way. Hari receives my highest recommendation as a trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated travel agent – whatever the situation – Hari can and will take care of it. – Gary Scott
  • Janet Hapeter, USA

    In April 2012, I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Nepal, which included a 2-week trek in the Everest region and a one-week extension to visit Chitwan National Park & Pokhara. My trekking guide had referred me to a trusted colleague of his – Hari Prasai of Nepal Nova Treks & Expedition – to plan the week extension for myself and six friends. Over the course of many months of trip planning by email, I was very impressed by Hari’s quick responses and great travel suggestions for planning a perfect trip for us. We got the chance to meet Hari a different few times in Kathmandu as he continued to work hard to make sure that everything went very smoothly for our trip. We loved all the various sightseeing components, including his excellent hotel recommendations that matched our desires. I highly recommend Hari’s professionalism, knowledge of Nepal and his travel planning expertise. I also enjoyed getting to know Hari – he really embodies Nepalese hospitality – and I feel that I have made a new friend. – Janet Hapeter, USA
  • Patrick Sharman Cockermouth, UK

    In November 2012 my wife and I spent a month in Nepal doing two treks as well as sightseeing time in Kathmandu and Pokhara. We had been recommended by a friend to engage the services of Hari Prasai’s company Nepal Nova in Kathmandu to help us organise the trip and we were so pleased we did. Hari is an absolute star who organised internal flights, hotels and trekking guides in such a friendly and efficient manner. He met us from the airport and rang every few days to check we were ok as well as telling us lots about Nepal with some very good advice. We did not want to go with a large UK company or group as we wished to get involved with Nepali people and join with them were they lived. The trip achieved all that as well as fantastic weather, scenery and hospitality. Hari’s team is first class and our guide Mr. Ramesh added so much to our trekking experience. I strongly recommend this way to see Nepal and being less expensive is a bonus! Thank you Hari and Ramesh -Patrick Sharman Cockermouth, UK
  • Nilkanth D P Panandiker

    I am from Goa, India, we had planned to visit Nepal in the month of June 2013. We found Nepal Nova Tours & Treks through the interne. I think we were very lucky to get such an experienced company to arrange the tour for us. We asked for a suitable package for our family. Since we had our parents & children with us we wanted a relaxed tour. I thank Mr. Hari Prasai MD of the Nepal Nova Tours & Treks for arranging our tour in such a simple & easy way, that we will remember always. As per our request, he booked the best hotels and vehicles for us. He took very good care of us. A vehicle was arranged for us to move around. But Mr. Hari did not leave us alone, he called us twice, some time thrice, to ask whether we are okay? How is the vehicle, How is the A/c in the car. Hope your parents are comfortable, and so on …….. We felt that we were at home, with the hospitality Mr. Hari gave us . I am thinking of going for a trekking tour again to Nepal in future with Nepal Nova. -Nilkanth D P Panandiker Goa, India.
  • Kevin Smith

    I have known Hari Prasai for about 10 years. In this time he has not only helped me with travel organisation in and to Nepal, he has shown a remarkable ability to problem solve and to adapt travel plans to my benefit. I have known Hari Prasai for about 10 years. In this time he has not only helped me with travel organisation in and to Nepal, he has shown a remarkable ability to problem solve and to adapt travel plans to my benefit. He has shown himself to be a very honest and caring person who works to the motto that nothing is too much trouble for a “friend”…because that is what he thinks about anyone he tries to help…they are his friends! Nowadays, I am lucky that I count Hari as my friend, as he gives sound advice which I can trust and which always enrich my visits to Nepal. I am proud to assist Hari in his new venture, and if you have any questions about your itinerary or about Hari’s services or advice, I am happy to communicate with you directly. I have been to Nepal 37 times in the last thirty years and the best times I have had, I can honestly say, have been with Hari! Kevin Smith Q.G.O. Chief Superintendent Police (rtd.) Contact details: – 22 Lathom Avenue, Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 5XS Telephone (UK – 44) 01524 411280 Email: –
  • Sean and Anjie

    We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it was once-in-a-lifetime trip! The Annapurna mountains are strikingly beautiful, the prettiest we have ever seen. Planning the trip with Hari via email was very easy and he had picked the best route for us. We had wonderfully a experienced, friendly and considering guide and a very nice porter that we feel we can fully trust all the time. We were also impressed at the tea houses and hotels that the guide had picked for us, all of which had wonderful view of the mountains and comfortable. We highly recommend traveling with Nepal Nova Treks Expedition. Sean and Anjie, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • James Brown

    I was determined to visit the trans-Himalayan region of Upper Mustang in northwestern Nepal. As a single traveler I was unprepared for how difficult it would be to arrange such a trip. A friend put me in touch with Hari; and from then on the matter was never in doubt. Hari was dogged in his determination to coordinate the trip, going so far as to call me in Brooklyn, NY to apprise me of his progress. Making single arrangements for such a trip is no mean feat; but Hari did it and spared no effort or expense. Every need was taken care of; every issue addressed. The result was a life-affirming, life-altering journey to a place virtually untouched by time; a stunning trek into a blessed, wild heartland of Tibetan culture and Buddhism. It was an experience I will never forget; and I will never forget Hari.” – James Brown Brooklyn, NY
  • Gary

    Just wanted to thank-you for all your help with setting up my trip to Nepal Everest Base camp. If you recall, I met you at the Midwest Mountaineering spring show. We talked then and then I e-mail several times. After discussing options, I decided that my son and I were better off going on our own rather than a group. You were kind enough to put me in touch with Hari Prasai, and you also recommended going in November. Just want to tell you that Hari did a great job of taking care of us and setting us up a great trip. Everything on the trek went perfect and we had no issues with anything. We are now experienced Nepal Everest Base camp trekkers! So again thank-you for all your help, and thank-you for putting me in touch with Hari. I’m not sure if I could have done this without both of your help. I have lots of people asking about my adventure, some may be interested. Be assured if they are looking for a group trip I will put them in touch with you, and also if they are looking for doing more on their own I will put them in touch with Hari. Just to share.
  • Randy Klassen

    Hello Gary & Hari, Pardon the late response. Real life began abruptly upon our return home late Sunday night … and its been hard to find words to adequately describe our experience in Nepal so I’ve more or less remained silent about it. At the risk of sounding cliche it’s fair to summarize our experience with Pemba, Nema, Dawa and family as the time of our lives. Yes it was tiring, yes it got cold, no it wasn’t a vacation but absolutely yes it was an adventure. And that’s the experience we were looking for. Pemba was my big brother for 15 days, Nema was Cindy’s sister. Dawa was Cindy’s guardian angel when things got tough on the upper trails and Jeanette was cared for by everyone. I envy the years you spent with Pemba and family. It’s clear that your relationship runs deep with these folks and we were thrilled to get a small taste of their friendship. From a functional perspective we were torn between disappointment and joy in terms of how the trek played out. For Pemba and Hari we were deeply disappointed in the fact that of the 9 original trekkers we were the only 3 to show up. From a financial perspective this was a blow to Pemba & Hari for sure. From the day the earthquake happened 6 months prior to our departure I saw the signs that a financial disaster would follow the natural disaster in Nepal. It truly broke our hearts to see how much effort the Sherpa people put into quickly rebuilding lodges, trails and homes only to be faced with empty rooms vacated by unreasonably scared N. Americans. It was good to see many Europeans on the trails; sad to meet so few Americans. Canadians even outnumbered the Americans in our rough count by a wide margin. So where did our joy come from in this? From the fact that we literally had Pemba, Nema and family to ourselves. Though they suffered from lack of clients, we benefitted greatly from having their sole attention and in the 4 nights we stayed at their Pheriche lodge it literally became our second home. At the other lodges we were customers; in Pheriche we were family. It was tough to depart on our last snowy morning there. Emotions rise up even typing the words. And though it feels very selfish to acknowledge our joy in having these fine people to ourselves I have to admit that we ended up with a richer experience after the other trekkers pulled out. I don’t know how many times Cindy and Jeanette and I were openly thankful for the day we met you at the Vancouver adventure travel show. Your history led us to Hari & Pemba. Your confidence after the earthquake helped us make the simple choice to press on and do the right thing – go to Nepal. Going to Nepal brought us into the company of some of the finest people we’ve ever met. A Sherpa family that made us laugh, gave us strength and cared deeply for us at every turn. How could we not love them, and you, for that? Attaining Kala Patthar and EBC were, of course, a dream for me and that’s what got our journey going. In the end, Hari, Pemba, Nema and family were the ultimate prize. And thought it’s very sad that the other 6 trekkers pulled out they unwittingly gifted us with the trip of a lifetime. We hope that in some small way our contributions to the financial well-being of Hari, Pemba, Nema, Dawa and our porters helped a little bit. Ultimately, they deserve so much more than we were able to give. Let me know if you’d like to see a picture or two. I realize you’ve seen a billion trekking photos and my intention is not to burden you with, “look what I saw!” when you’ve already seen the sights yourself many times. But I can update you with some Pemba and Hari family photos if you’d like. Namaste Gary Scott. Our meeting with you more than 18 months ago proved to be a wonderful thing. Coquitlam, BC
  • Natasa and Hal Koller

    On recommendation, my wife and I had Hari Prasai of Nepal Nova Treks arrange our 12 day Everest Base Camp trek. We would also highly recommend his services. We were so well looked after from our first email and telephone conversation, to the day we departed Nepal, even with the devastating earthquake between. Hari was very involved in every aspect of planning and kept in touch with us even during the trek. Our guide Madan and porter Kumar were very helpful and flexible with our needs. Hari’s genuine concern for us and always cheerful personality were big part of why we have had a fantastic experience in Nepal. We are looking forward to more trips to this wonderful country.